"It’s the way of the future. Social media is so new and being a young influencer, social media is something I should be on because I have chance to leave a positive mark on people. I think when people use social media in a poor way you shouldn’t be on it at all, but I always try encourage people to use to it to bring each other up, not down.”

July 30 (180)


John Green Instagram: “Shailene and Ansel on the #tfios set in Pittsburgh. Such a long and wonderful journey to tonight.” (x)

July 30 (1991)

Anonymous inquired:
You should make your ask title "I am not actually Ansel" because people don't seem to know that

Why? I think the majority of people do know, and isn’t it nice to have that sense of mystery…?
But seriously, I have it in my description which is just below the title so, people obviously can’t read.

July 30 (11)

hopeybby inquired:
Is it hard being so famous considering you probably get tackled by fans anywhere you go?? (Fans like me!!) ❤️

I haven’t been tackled in public yet. Or private either. Not sure whether Ansel has or not… He might like it?

July 30 (7)

Anonymous inquired:
Could you tell him that he has a fan from Thailand ?

Okay? :)

July 30 (8)

motfrog inquired:
Does ansel have a tumblr

Nope :) Unless I’m him…?

July 30 (10)

Anonymous inquired:
Would you shoutout an ansel fanfic if you were asked?

If it was good maybe… And if it wasn’t creepy and seedy. You guys know what I mean.

July 30 (8)

Anonymous inquired:
Does more than one person run this blog? And just out of curiosity, are you a boy or girl? :)

It’s just me and I am a boy :)

July 30 (8)

jjkebabs inquired:
How old is Violetta?

I think around 18/19 :)

July 30 (4)

Anonymous inquired:
Does Ansel have a girlfriend?

Yes. I just said so.

July 29 (11)
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