Ansel Elgort Instagram: “Chillin in LA w Papa #SIZE” [x]


Ansel Elgort for 7000 Magazine (x)

October 2 (1183)


Ansel Elgort attends the “Men, Women and Children” premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival [x]

October 2 (577)


"The whole world will be run by computers, that’s just where we’re headed so like if you’re scared now you’re gonna be really scared in the future. You gotta accept it, that’s just how the world’s changing." (x)

October 2 (608)
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Ansel Elgort attends Paramount Pictures’ “Men, Women & Children” premiere at Directors Guild Of America in Los Angeles, California (September 30, 2014)

October 1 (584)
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16/? stills - The fault in our stars

September 29 (511)
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Anonymous inquired:
Hi what's ansel elgorts snapchat?x

I don’t think he has one - not that I am aware of.

September 28 (9)

aswimmer5002 inquired:
Where can you buy an Ansel Elgort calender??? Thanks!

I don’t think you can, sorry! “12 Months of Ansel” was a high school calendar from a couple years ago.

September 28 (12)

Ansel Elgort featuring on @quincy_childs Instagram [x]

Ansel Elgort and Joe Jonas together after the tennis [x]

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